How To Have An Unplugged Wedding With No Regrets

May 4, 2014

The number reason why you should have an unplugged wedding is because you, your family, and guests will actually enjoy the moment. We live in a society where we would rather capture it than experience it. It really is a big problem at weddings these days and can be really distracting for the bride and groom. Everyone wants to have their own photo with the couple and when you multiply it by 150 guests it can quickly eat up your day. With the average wedding day being 8-hours it’s really kind of scary how much is taken up with guests taken poor quality photos with their phones. Most couples have no idea how on a wedding day everyone including strangers become irritating paparazzi. By having an unplugged wedding you eliminate these time wasting photos and have a lot more time to enjoy your wedding day. Also, by being unplugged it makes family and guest appreciate the professional photographer you hired. And, when a professional captures the images it ends up being ten times better than a guest’s iPhone shot.


Unplugged Wedding


Be sure to remind guests numerous times. On your wedding website, invites, a sign right before they seat for the ceremony, on the programs, and again by the officiant. If you only write it on the invites it’s more than likely guests will forget and not respect your vision. You might think family and friends will think you are a bridezilla, but if done in a subtle repetitive manner its more likely to work. Let’s face it you are spending a small fortunate on your photographer why let guests ruin the photos, so they can have a mediocre shots on their phone and have a phone in front of their face for most of your wedding day.


Unplugged Wedding

Promote the booth

The crazy photo-taking family member with the newest ipad will struggle to cooperate even after numerous reminders. One way to get them to leave their technology at home is to remind them how you spent the extra money to have a photo booth. A photo booth is a great way to keep your guests entertained and to get photos that not even a wedding photographer can capture. Guests and family really let loose for the photo booth and they can be some of the more memorable shots.


The Power of Facebook

There are lots of great bad photos posted online which show how guests have ruined the photos of the bride walking down the aisle. I recommend posting this article or an image of how guests have ruined wedding photos on Facebook. Posting one image or an article a week before is another subtle approach to reminding family and guests that are completely unaware of this problem.


how to have an unplugged wedding

Irresistible Moment

If you don’t think your guests can handle not taking photos for the entire day. I recommend telling them soon as the first dance is over they can go nuts. Usually by this time they’ve gone so long without taking photos that they don’t pick bother. This ensures you will get all of the best moments captured without any smart phones or tablets in the shots. Another idea I have yet to see in action. Is by making the announcement fun by saying soon as you hear the irritating song #Selfie start playing you can pull out your cameras and phones for the rest of the evening.


Blame the Photographer

Worried about how everyone is going to judge your decision to have an unplugged wedding? Don’t most wedding photographers will happily take the blame for the no camera policy if it means they don’t have to deal with guests and their smart phones. And, it’s becoming more and more common for wedding photographers to offer a discount for couple’s willing to have an unplugged wedding.


unplugged wedding

Double Up

And, if you’re really scared about missing moments be sure to have a second photographer. Lots of photographer’s packages include or allow for an additional shooter. I highly recommend this option because a 2nd shooter will give you another perspective and can be in charge of getting all of those guests shots you want.

How To Have An Unplugged Wedding With No Regrets