Wedding Artist Spotlight: The Floral Loft – Courtney Sayner

May 20, 2014

It’s that time of year when I have a little more free time to reach out to other wedding artists and get to know more about them. I met up with Courtney owner of The Floral Loft last week at the flower market in San Francisco. Walking around the flower market with Courtney I was able to see the first stage in how her beautiful floral arrangements come together. Courtney is one of these people you instantly feel like your old friends when meeting for the first time. She is super sweet, friendly and fun to be around even when she is working hard in the hectic flower market. If you are looking for a highly talented and friendly florist I highly recommend choosing The Floral Loft. And, don’t just take my word for it be sure to check out her website and the wedding we worked on together at the Presidio Log Cabin.


The Floral Loft

“I started working in the industry eight years ago while spending one year in Colorado. At the time I was planning to take a year off of school before enrolling in grad school for history. I soon found that the “in between gig” I had landed was not something that would be easy to walk away from. I love everything about this job. I love that it is creative, and dirty, and physically taxing. I love that you get to make things for people at the high and low points in their lives and hopefully make either just a little bit better. I love working with people, planning events, watching their creative side come out and their imagination start to get the best of them.”


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“After leaving Colorado I worked in flower shops in Chicago and Boston and when my fiancé and I decided to move to San Francisco I got the wild idea to start my own shop. He was working as a teacher at the time and kinda tired of it so I slyly, and then less slyly hinted that maybe he could help me with this crazy plan to start my own business. That was three years ago and we both have been in the shop every day it’s been open since. I deal mostly with flowers and he keeps our business running smoothly and has come to be our resident terrarium maker and succulent guru. Most people can’t see how we haven’t killed each other yet, but if everybody is happy at work it’s not that hard to remain happy with each other as well.”


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“Our shop does daily deliveries and a bit of walk in but weddings are what we like best. They’re different from any other projects we do because you get to know people so well in the course of planing. As we talked about earlier, SF is so freaking friendly! We have met the greatest people from doing their weddings, many of whom have actually become close friends.”


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