Wedding Artist Spotlight: San Francisco Wedding DJs – Heart of Gold

April 7, 2015

I’ve shot a lot of weddings and the one thing that can really make your guests have a memorable experience is the DJ. There are tons of mediocre DJs available for hire. Heart of Gold DJs is NOT one of them. Co-founders Allison and Erica pride themselves on avoiding the cheesy gimmicks. “Music enthusiasts turned professional mobile DJs, we at Heart of Gold put our vast musical knowledge to work for you spinning all your favorite dance floor gems with none of the cheesy gimmicks. We provide each event with a unique mix of cocktail, dinner, and dance floor hits you love, keeping your most music savvy-friends impressed – and grandma on the dance floor – all while avoiding silly props, line dances, unnecessary MC chatter, and tacky lighting. With so many of your guests dancing, there won’t be room for that anyway.” After seeing Heart of Gold DJs spin at Lovesick Expo and hanging out with them for an afternoon I can vouch for their vast musical knowledge and DJing skills. If I need to hire a DJ there is no question who I would hire to keep the dance moves going. You can contact the talented ladies of Heart of Gold DJs here.


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