Unfortunately, I didn’t take a lot of photos during my trip to the Philippines. I ordered a DJI Mavic drone when they were on back order hoping it would arrive before leaving for this trip. It didn’t arrive and only arrived after I was back in the US. The older I get the less photos I take while traveling. I think it’s a combination of things. I distract myself with my attempts to capture video at the same time. And, with an Instagram addicted world every where I go now it feels like no one is enjoying the actual experience of being there. It’s only about capturing it for others to see. My trip to the Philippines was also hijacked by illness. A few days after arriving I had a terrible cold and towards the end of the trip I had a horrendous case of food poisoning. I’ve also become more critical of the final images I share with the world, which is why there are only a few photos posted below. I hope to have the opportunity to go back to execute my original plan, which was to fly my drone around some of the beautiful islands.


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