It’s very common for a couple to feel anxious about scheduling an engagement session and even more anxiety causing to plan a boudoir couple session. This blog post will hopefully help you decide whether it’s a good idea for you and how to have a successful boudoir couple session.



Cheesy engagement photos aren’t #trending like they were in the past. Couples aren’t necessarily looking to take photos holding up a save the date sign, staging a picnic, or riding a tandem bicycle. The goal of a boudoir  session is to capture aspects of your daily life, connection, and love you feel for your partner. Shooting some of the session in your home allows intimacy to occur. Couples are able to cherish the beginning of their lives together in the privacy of their home and no cheesiness is involved. Years from now you won’t want really care about the posed photos, but you will cherish the one’s where both of you were being your true selves.


What for?

A boudoir couple session doesn’t have to replace your engagement session. The intimate session can be part of your engagement photos. You can start or end the session with boudoir photos at your place or selected space. Boudoir sessions can be for newly weds, an anniversary or a way to take time to re-connect with your partner.


Is an intimate session right for you?

I believe a boudoir session is right for almost every couple. It will be a positive experience as long as you stay within your comfort zones and enjoy the time with your partner. Be vocal with the photographer if they start to direct you in ways that make you feel uncomfortable.


Finding the right photographer

Every photographer has a different approach to capturing boudoir sessions. As a photographer I’m always looking to capture tasteful intimate photos of my couples. Some photographers will create more erotic type of images with their couples and nudity can be involved. It’s important during your search to look through the photographer’s portfolio, blog posts, and social media to have a good understanding of how they capture boudoir sessions. I always tell my couples if you can see yourself in my photos than we are more than likely a good fit.


Discussion with your photographer

Be sure to tell discuss your comfort levels and the type of imagery you like with your photographer. The point is to capture beautiful photos of you being yourselves. The session can end with you and your significant other being in underwear/lingerie but it doesn’t necessarily have to end this way.



Ideally the location will be your home. If your home doesn’t have a lot of natural light or isn’t the most picturesque backdrop I recommend picking out an Airbnb listing. It’s amazing the well decorated and beautiful spaces you can find on Airbnb. An extra bonus is you can have a little getaway once the shoot is over. It can be difficult to find the right space in some cities, so you can also check out Peerspace and VRBO. Before booking a space I would ask for your photographers opinion on the location you have in mind. He or she can tell you if it will be an ideal space or not. Some photographers have a studio space for their boudoir sessions. Be sure to ask for images of the space to make sure it’s the aesthetic your going for.



The clothes you pick can depend on your comfort level and vision you have for the session. I tell all of my couples to bring clothes based on your lazy Sunday routine, which includes underwear, t-shirts, and jeans. The must have would include the following in multiple colors: lingerie, underwear, t-shirts, sweaters, and jeans. Wear the clothes you feel most comfortable in. If you feel comfortable you will look amazing in photos.


How to have real reactions during the session?

I believe most of the time the best photos during a session are when the couple forgets I’m in the room and enjoys the moments with their partner. Most photographers have tricks to getting reactions and emotions out of the couple. The best way to get a reaction out of your partner is to whisper something dirty or inappropriate into their ear. Another trick that can be used is to start the session by staring into each other eyes for four minutes without breaking eye contact. If you’ve never done this before you will soon realize its uncomfortable and then an amazing bonding experience when the four minutes is over.


Below are links to boudoir sessions I’ve captured to give you a better idea of the type of images I create during my boudoir sessions:

Joshua Tree

Venice Canal Historic District

Brooklyn, New York Airbnb Apartment

Oakland Studio

Trailer / Point Reyes

Oakland Session